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Any person in product—managers, designers, engineers, analysts—could benefit from these mental models, frameworks, and principles.

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That would be me,

. I’ve managed products for 9 years at General Electric, Amazon, and startups, and currently lead a product team at Mastercard. I obsess over mental models & frameworks, so Product Field Guide is the confluence of my reading and hands-on experience. I love to help new PMs learn the ropes and seasoned PMs sharpen their skills, so come along for the ride!

What’s with the Hedgehog?

You might have noticed the cute mascot in the corner. Allow me to explain. Philosopher Isaiah Berlin wrote a 1953 essay titled “The Hedgehog and the Fox” as an intellectual game to describe two modes of acting and thinking:

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” 

I believe the best product managers are responsible for knowing one big thing: how their product delivers value to customers. They, more than anyone on the team, can never lose sight of that. Although PMs will employ fox-like tactics for execution and thinking, their most important job is understanding, advocating for, and delivering customer value. This newsletter helps readers develop the hedgehog mentality.

The knower of one big thing

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Evergreen principles for product management


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